Agricultural - Greenhouse Drip Irrigation

Honey Electric Limited offers substantial knowledge in agricultural projects, proposing a selection of resources for your specific needs. Our suppliers are leaders in their fields that enable efficient solutions for your agricultural developments. For inquiries regarding electrical services for your agricultural facilities, please use our contact form, email or call us at 519-351-0484.

Honey Electric Limited offers the following agricultural electrical services:


  • Water Storage
  • Fertilizer Units
  • PVC Piping Design & Installation
  • Drip Irrigation System
  • Return Water Collection
  • Water Filtration, Cloth, SAF
  • Sterilization Vialux Systems
  • Flood Floors


Our Suppliers

Priva is world market leader in the development and implementation of horticultural projects. As a consequence, Priva Projects has developed a system that guarantees optimum progress for every project. Projects in large-scale greenhouse horticulture currently cover a wide range of specialist fields; climate control, service engineering, water technology, management and ICT to name but a few. Bringing these together in a solution that you as a client (Priva dealer or grower) can handle demands a clear definition of your requirements, an assessment of the equipment needed, implementation and installation according to plan, and adequate training and support in use.

Priva regards every project as unique, which it oft en is. A client has a particular wish and this will be analyzed first. This is the responsibility of the Priva Project Consultant, who draws up proposals for a solution in consultation with the client. Priva doesn’t start implementing a project until all possible questions have been answered; including what is and is not part of a project and who is responsible for each part of the project. This ensures clarity for the client and for Priva, guaranteeing smooth progression.

Stolze strength will be your strength, yours will be ours. The source of Stolze strength comes not only from 40 years of experience but also from its talented ability of applying the high-tech designs of automation, irrigation, heating and high pressure fog installations based on the modern international horticulture.

Our success is yours, yours is ours. Stolze company itself designs, assembles and installs all kind of electrical, water and heating installations separated, as well as does the three technical disciplines together as one complete installation having designed according to your wishes and requirements.

Our goal is to reach to a highly qualified production, perfectly composed installations and careful assistance of after service . Your goal is to be able to get highly qualified production with the help of careful service from your supplier. Success is important for both of us, that is why our goal is the same. That is why, now is the time to get together to reach to the success. We are a strong chain of operation.